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Visitor accessibility resources guide to national marine sanctuaries and other opportunities for water-based recreation

As America's premier ocean park network, the National Marine Sanctuary System wants to make sure every American has access to and can enjoy their national marine sanctuaries and the other waters of the nation. Here, you'll find the first-ever visitor accessibility resources guide to national marine sanctuaries and other opportunities for water-based recreation.

Over sixty million adults in the United States have some form of disability (a number that increases every year). These disabilities can prevent people from enjoying the simple pleasures of traversing a beach, casting out a fishing line, or floating in the water on a warm, sunny day. This guide is provided as a resource to those of all abilities interested in accessing national marine sanctuaries or the waters near and around them. This guide provides information about:

  • Resources available online from the National Marine Sanctuary System, partners, and other parties;
  • Facilities and resources available at national marine sanctuary visitor centers in specific locations;
  • Organizations and businesses near or in national marine sanctuary communities that support access to water and water-based recreation; and
  • Access points managed by local, state, and federal government agencies, with basic descriptions, resources available, and contact information.

Coastal parks can be impacted by natural events like flooding, mudslides, water quality issues, and erosion, or by operational issues such as budget shortfalls or emergencies, all of which can impact the operation, access, and amenities in a park. We strongly recommend you use the contact information provided with each resource in the guide to confirm accuracy and availability before undertaking a trip. If you notice something that isn't accurate or needs to be supplemented, please contact us at We hope to update the guide on a regular basis to keep information up to date.