Explore the Blue: 360° Coral Restoration

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protects some of the most iconic coral reefs in the world, but corals are suffering from disease and other stressors. Fortunately, NOAA and our partners are working together to restore these critical coral reefs. Grab your snorkel (okay, headset) and help restore the reef by planting healthy corals that will grow into thriving colonies.

If you're on a desktop, click and drag to experience in 360 degrees, or pair your phone with your virtual reality headset. For the best viewing experience, watch the video in high-definition: click the gear symbol in the lower right corner, then select any of the HD options that pop up when you click "Quality."

Lesson Plan

In this complementary lesson plan, students will research the ecology of coral reefs, natural and human threats to corals, and the science of coral restoration. Students will design and make an argument for a proposed new coral nursery to be placed within Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary VR lesson plan