Explore the Blue: 360° Lake Ontario Schooner St. Peter

NOAA is designating Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary in eastern Lake Ontario to recognize the national significance of the area's historical, archaeological, and cultural resources and to manage this special place as part of the National Marine Sanctuary System.

One of the proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary's most visited recreationally accessible shipwrecks, St. Peter, is located northeast of Putneyville. This 135-foot, three-masted schooner rests upright in 117 feet of water. Learn about the history of the schooner and the battle with 70 mph winds in this Sanctuaries 360 video!

NOAA is accepting public input on the notice of proposed rulemaking through electronic submissions until March 20, 2023 and will also record input from four public meetings.

Lesson Plan

In this complementary lesson plan, students explore the wreck of schooner St. Peter, which lies in approximately 120 feet of water in the proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary. Students become shipwreck explorers looking for other shipwrecks within the sanctuary boundary. They research the technologies used by maritime archaeologists to locate and image shipwrecks and participate in simulations of the use of two of these technologies, sonar and photogrammetry.

Proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary VR lesson plan