Ocean for Life

students and teacher doing a water quality test

At this time it is undetermined when the next Ocean for Life field study will take place.

Eligibility Requirements 
To apply, each student must:

  • be an incoming 9th - 12th grade high school student in the current school year (aged 14-18). Note that seniors in the current school year do not qualify;
  • be proficient in the English language;
  • be able to swim; and
  • be willing to participate in future program aspects.

Participant Benefits
Students will:

  • participate in an immersive field study in one of America's national marine sanctuaries;
  • learn about the interconnectedness of the world's ocean and how their local actions impact the ocean no matter where they live;
  • build relationships with peers from different countries and cultures, and gain a better understanding of their similarities and differences;
  • be immersed in classroom, lab, and field activities that raise awareness of the natural world and their connection to it, and how it connects them to each other;
  • gain a better understanding of the scientific process and a deeper understanding of marine sciences; and
  • work with mentors to learn how to use still and video cameras to document their field experience and develop "youth media projects" to share with schools and local communities.

For more information about the Ocean for Life program, please contact:

Claire Fackler
NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
Ocean Science Education Building 514
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6155
Phone 805-893-6429
Email Claire.Fackler@noaa.gov

For information about sponsorship of the Ocean for Life Program, please contact:

Allison Alexander
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
8601 Georgia Avenue, Suite 501
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone 301-608-3040 ext. 3
Email Allison@marinesanctuary.org

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