Sea Turtles Resource Collection

Sea turtles are a key part of marine ecosystems worldwide, but they face many threats today. Explore a collection of NOAA webinars, a virtual reality dive, lesson plans, videos, posters, web stories, and more to gain a deeper understanding of sea turtle species and NOAA's efforts within the sanctuary system to protect them and limit the threats they face.

A green sea turtle sits on a vibrant coral reef with the sun shining through the surface of the blue water.


Sea turtles are marine reptiles with streamlined bodies and large flippers that are well-adapted to life in the ocean. Six species are found in U.S. waters, all of which are listed and protected under the Endangered Species Act. Learn more about NOAA's efforts to protect sea turtles and how national marine sanctuaries benefit these populations.

The back of a young girl in a blue shirt painting a sea turtle in her living room.

Lesson Plans & Activities

Utilize these interactive lesson plans and activities with students to learn and gain a better understanding of sea turtles, their impacts, and the role sanctuaries have in protecting these species.

A Hawaiian green sea turtle looking straight at the viewer from a shallow coral reef in the Hawaiian Islands.

Sea Turtle Elementary Collection

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuary System, the best of the best educational materials for an elementary school audience have been compiled in collaboration with the National Park Trust. This collection focuses on sea turtles.

A Hawaiian green sea turtle basking on a sandy beach just beyond the reach of the gentle waves.

Webinars & Podcasts

The National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series provides educators, students, and the interested public with educational and scientific expertise, resources, and training to support ocean and climate literacy. Take a look at the sea turtle-curated webinars and recorded audio podcasts about sea turtle conservation in the sanctuary system.

A sea turtle facing the viewer near the bottom of the ocean on a coral reef with a scuba diver in the background.


Dive with sea turtles through the comfort of your own screen. The NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries’ video collection features various sea turtle species from across the country while highlighting specific species, research, and more.

Three sea turtles on a coral reef with one turtle surrounded by convict tang striped fish which are cleaning the turtle’s shell of algae.

Virtual Reality

Come along and explore with green sea turtles (honu) as they take you around Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. Learn how Hawaii's volcanic islands were formed while watching your new turtle friends kick back and relax at the turtle spa.

A Hawaiian green sea turtle at the surface of the ocean that has begun diving down into the water above a coral reef in the distance.

Species Spotlight

Do you have a favorite sea turtle species or want to learn more about species you may not have heard about? Check out the Species Spotlight Section for resources on all sea turtle species!

Wildlife viewing guidelines infographic

Wildlife Viewing Guidelines

Encountering sea turtles can be special! For their safety as well as yours, please follow these guidelines: give wildlife plenty of space, be aware of local regulations and use your zoom lens or binoculars if you want that close-up view! Take the Pledge for Wildlife.

Near a shipwreck, a sea turtle swims by with two dark colored fish and a large number of yellow-striped snapper schools in the background.

Web Stories

Many of our national marine sanctuaries are home to a variety of sea turtle species. Sanctuary and NOAA staff eagerly work to learn more about these animals to enhance their protection for future generations. Explore various work of our team from sea turtle and ocean stewardship, the relationship between sea turtles and the marine ecosystem, and more.

A loggerhead turtle sits in a sand channel between two rocky reef areas covered in algae and invertebrates.

Posters and Printed Materials

Explore this collection of readily available sea turtle themed posters, infographics, a game board, and more.

A Hawaiian green sea turtle basks on a remote sandy beach with a seabird standing on its back and another seabird next to it.

Additional Materials

Do you want even more information on these special species? Look here for more materials about sea turtles to become a sea turtle expert.