Climate Change Resource Collection

A rapidly changing climate brings challenges to our underwater parks in ways we have never seen before. Climate-related impacts, like changing weather patterns and storm events, warming seas, ocean acidification, and sea level rise, are becoming more prevalent around the globe. Changes in climate will affect national marine sanctuaries and the overall health of the ocean, which is vital to our quality of life and, ultimately, our survival.

High king tide breaking near a brown stairwell to the beach, no sand visible.


The overall health of the ocean and national marine sanctuaries will be impacted by climate change. National marine sanctuaries and monuments must contend with rising water temperatures and sea levels, water that is more acidic and contains less oxygen, shifting species, and altered weather patterns and storms.

Two young children, one male with brown hair and one female with blonde hair, in red t-shirts on a rock looking into the blue water in the Channel Islands. In the background from left to right, there is a white boat, multiple large rocks sticking out of the water, two kayakers, and cliffs.

Lesson Plans & Activities

These interactive lesson plans and activities are open to everyone, with a focus on students, formal educators, and informal educators to increase climate and environmental literacy. These activities will help students gain a better understanding of climate change, the impacts, and more.

Vibrant green seagrass moves in the underwater currents of the ocean off NOAA’s Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.

Blue Carbon

Blue carbon is the term for carbon captured and stored by the world's ocean and coastal ecosystems. Blue carbon ecosystems help mitigate climate change. Specific species play critical roles in blue carbon ecosystems. Marine protected areas preserve blue carbon habitats and processes.

Large coral reef with a wide reaching bleached coral.


The National Marine Sanctuaries Webinar Series provides educators, students, and the interested public with educational and scientific expertise, resources, and training to support ocean and climate literacy. A compiled list of climate related webinars can be found here featuring topics like coral, fisheries, sea level rise, and how climate change will have mass impacts on the sanctuary system and ocean as a whole.

Flooding in suburban neighborhood with black car driving through water in the road from right to left.


The NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries’ video collection features different topics including climate change and its connection to marine biodiversity. Utilize these visual aids to bring the problem of climate change to life.

Orange coral reef with raised small bleached coral growing in the middle in blue water with clear surface.

Web Stories

Many national marine sanctuary sites are working on climate research, understanding the impacts, and climate resiliency and mitigation efforts. These web stories highlight enhancing shoreline resilience, coral bleaching, global partnerships, and more.

From left to right, large colorful coral reef in bright blue water, diver in the distance.

Climate Change Elementary Collection

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Marine Sanctuary System, the best of the best educational materials for an elementary school audience have been compiled in collaboration with the National Park Trust. This collection focuses on Climate Change.

From top to bottom, yellow and orange sunset, trees, water reflecting trees and sunset, ducks swimming close to the shore, dry cracked ground showing signs of drought.

Additional Materials

Still curious about climate change? Look no further than the Additional Materials page, the final stop of this resource collection. Find adaptation and resilience plans, research reports, and tools for educators.