Coconut Palms, Seabirds, Coral Reefs and Sea Level Rise

January 23, 2024

Dr. Alex Wegmann, Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy of California

As a Lead Scientist for The Nature Conservancy, Alex Wegmann, PhD. works in thematic areas of land-sea connectivity, invasive species, seabird restoration, natural climate solutions, coral reef resilience, pelagic conservation, sustainable fisheries, and the application of biotechnology-based solutions to conservation challenges. His responsibilities include advancing cutting-edge science to inform investment and actions at Palmyra Atoll, throughout the Pacific region, and at global scales. Alex organizes and participates on multilateral teams to drive scientific research agendas focused on The Nature Conservancy’s priority conservation challenges. Join Dr. Alex Wegmann as he takes us to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean and shares how connected we are to it.