Explore Deep-Sea Coral Communities off the West Coast in Real Time without Going to Sea

September 29, 2020

Julie Bursek and Laura Francis of Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Jennifer Stock of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Melissa Baffa, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, and Megan Cook of Ocean Exploration Trust

The NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has partnered with Ocean Exploration Trust remotely aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus to seek out new discoveries on little known regions of the deep sea along the North American West Coast. Scientists on board Nautilus and on shore participating via telepresence will conduct research that focuses on deep-sea coral habitats and an extensive octopus aggregation in our national marine sanctuaries. Most of the world's deep ocean remains largely unexplored, leaving significant gaps in knowledge needed to manage and protect ocean resources and to understand and predict future change. Learn about deep-sea coral resources that are available for teachers and students to understand these important deep-sea communities and opportunities to explore alongside researchers during the expedition.

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