Shocking New Evidence Reveals Two Genetically Distinct Hawai`i Manta Ray Populations Separated by a Mere 50 KM

June 5, 2020

Mark Deakos, Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research

New evidence confirms Hawai`i manta rays take social distancing to a whole new level; implications for management.

Our knowledge of manta rays worldwide has come a long way in the past 15 years, but are we doing enough to ensure small, slow-growing, island-associated populations, and the habitats they rely on for survival, are getting the protections they need? This talk will explore what research techniques have been used to study manta rays and why new evidence of social distancing in Hawai`i’s populations are sounding the alarms. Learn how you can become part of the solution!

This distance learning event is an extension of the Kauai Ocean Discovery First Friday Speaker Series. 

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