Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary – An Ocean Oasis off the Georgia Coast

September 27, 2022

Just 19 miles off the Georgia coast lies a stretch of live-bottom reef that teems with marine life, including the calving grounds of the endangered North Atlantic right whale. This hard or rocky seafloor supports high numbers of large invertebrates, such as sponges, corals, and sea squirts. The rocky ledges can rise up to six feet, but lie 60 to 70 feet below the surface of the ocean. With their nooks and crannies, caves, and bumps, these complex ledges offer habitat for invertebrates to thrive, which in turn provides food for the many fishes that also shelter in the reef.

Join Ben Prueitt, Outreach and Social Media Coordinator, to learn more about the reef and how its beauty invites scuba divers and anglers alike to explore its wonders. Dive into the reef's unique diversity and learn how ongoing research studies the sanctuary as it transforms from winter to summer and back again.

Be the first to learn how you can soon visit the sanctuary without ever getting your feet wet! In October 2022, Gray's Reef Ocean Discovery Center will open inviting residents and visitor to the area to come explore. No boat is required, and the center will be open to the public free of charge.