Underwater Photography with Jesse Cancelmo

May 25, 2022

Jesse Cancelmo, underwater photographer and former Advisory Council member for Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Have you ever wondered how to capture amazing photographs of marine life? Are you interested in improving your photography skills or trying something new? Jesse Cancelmo is here to help. An accomplished diver and underwater photographer, Cancelmo made his first scuba dive in 1969 on a coral reef in Bermuda. Since that plunge, he has stoked his passion by diving around the globe from World War II wrecks off the New Jersey coast to the coral reefs of Papua New Guinea. Cancelmo's photography and articles have appeared in leading wildlife, diving, and news publications including Dive Training magazine, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, USA Today and Newsweek. Cancelmo is the author of four books: Diving Bermuda, Diving Cayman Islands, Texas Coral Reefs, and Glorious Gulf of Mexico, which features images of the coral reefs and marine life of the three countries with shorelines on the Gulf—Mexico, Cuba, and the U.S.

A longtime supporter and advocate for Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Cancelmo will share his experience and expertise diving and taking photographs in the sanctuary and beyond. Whether you are brand new to underwater photography or an advanced photographer, Cancelmo will provide tips and information to help you enjoy your diving and photography, and have you ready for the 2022 Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest.