Women Making History: Jennifer Idol

March 18

Jennifer Idol, Professional Underwater Photographer and Storyteller

In celebration of Women's History Month, underwater photographer, videographer, and visual storyteller Jennifer Idol will discuss how her work connects people to the natural world so they can experience its wonders. Idol's book, "An American Immersion," documents her quest to become the first woman to dive 50 states. Her work has been shared in periodicals such as Diver, Scuba Diving, and Alert Diver. Her connection to local waters, including several national marine sanctuaries, led to her being recognized as a PADI Ambassadiver (2017 and 2018,) and as a member of the Ocean Artists Society and the Explorer's Club. Idol says, "Although exploration is traditionally viewed as traveling to exotic and distant locations, it refers to discovery of the unexpected." She will discuss how local waters can be redefined through exploration and influence how we manage these resources.