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Voices of the Bay curriculum uses engaging, hands-on activities to provide a deeper understanding of the marine ecology, economics, and culture that surrounds fisheries while meeting a range of science, math, social science, and communications educational standards. The modules provide an excellent multi-disciplinary compliment to a school's regular curricula and instruction.

Each of the three instructional modules may be implemented as stand-alone activities or sequenced as a more comprehensive course of study.

Balance in the Bay

Students take part in a simulated fishery, make regulation decisions, and face natural and man-made challenges the fishery and the squid population (Science).

From Ocean to Table

Students have the opportunity to get an "insider's" view of the complex factors that determine the viability of a commercial fishery (Social Studies / Economics).

Capturing the Voices of the Bay

Students research, plan, and conduct interviews with members of the fishing community to explore the historic, economic, environmental, and cultural dimensions of their community (English).