Celebrate the Ocean

Sea to Shining Sea Newsletter - March 2019

Few places on the planet can compete with the diversity of the National Marine Sanctuary System, which protects America’s most iconic natural and cultural marine resources. The system works with diverse partners and stakeholders to promote responsible, sustainable ocean uses that ensure the health of our most valued ocean places. Resources are open to the public, and showcase opportunities such as education and research to anyone who has an interest in helping our ocean.

man on a boat in water

Recreational boating & fishing groups join NOAA in sustainable fishing efforts

Recreational fishing and boating are enormously popular American pastimes, an economic force, and a bridge to conservation. In recognition of the importance of these activities to coastal economies, NOAA announced a formal partnership with leading industry and resource management groups.

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a group of diver in the ocean

Diving into the past

Take a look at the recently uncovered 19th-century Austrian Ship Slobodna, and learn more about how Diving With a Purpose (DWP) and the National Association of Black Scuba Divers are committed to revealing American history.

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a diver taking a picture of a coral reef

Hope for the ocean’s future

Year in and year out, the National Marine Sanctuary System ensures that the health of our most valuable ocean places are responsibly preserved for all to enjoy. As we start 2019, take a look back at some of our accomplishments from the past year and see how we are taking strides towards a better and brighter future for these special places.

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cover of earth is blue magazine

Earth Is Blue Annual Magazine Out Now!

Get into the Blue and come explore one the world’s greatest playgrounds, your National Marine Sanctuary System! Take the plunge and see why we cherish these special areas. Earth is Blue, Volume 3 is out now. Click here to see how our national marine sanctuaries give us an opportunity to enjoy these special places!

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zero waste illastration

Students for Zero Waste Week 2019 - Registration is now open!

Students are inviting their local communities to "Go Green and Think Blue" by focusing on reducing land-based waste in order to protect the health of local marine environments.

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a giant sea bass

Video - Return of the king

Giant sea bass are at the top of the food web in the kelp forest ecosystem. They are massive animals: the biggest of them can weigh 800 pounds and measure over seven feet in length. For such a significant species, relatively little is known about these kings of the kelp dominion.

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