Recreational Fishing

The majority of the collective waters in national marine sanctuaries are open to recreational fishing, providing opportunities for anglers of all ages and fostering a sense of responsibility for America's great outdoors. Did you know that national marine sanctuaries are managed for the conservation of their natural and cultural resources, while supporting sustainable recreation and tourism? We invite you to enjoy these special places in the marine environment, while safeguarding their unique beauty, diversity, and historical significance for future generations.

More than just a pastime, sustainable recreational fishing is an integral part of the blue economy that benefits coastal communities and enriches the lives of millions of Americans. Learn about fishing in a national marine sanctuary from someone who has done it themselves!

Stay and check out the helpful information on recreational fishing within the Sanctuary System. You will find information on catch and release, regulations, what you can catch, and more!

Fishing Happens Here

a person on a boat reels in a fish

Get into a national marine sanctuary and enjoy top-notch fishing, while supporting the long-term protection of our nation's underwater treasures by using recreational fishing best practices.

On the Water

Check this section from time to time for an updated Fishing Feature. Hear from fishing experts, learn about your favorite fishing spot, watch a “how-to” video. The possibilities are endless.

Seasoned anglers Paul Hoofe and Bill Boyce talk about best practices for shark catch and release. Credit: NOAA Fisheries