Best practices

As a fisher, you play a vital role in keeping these sanctuary habitats healthy for generations to come. By practicing sustainable fishing techniques, you contribute to the larger picture of ocean stewardship and help keep national marine sanctuaries special places for both humans and animals.

Captain Will Benson from Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary explains why it’s important to practice sustainable fishing and why he helped develop the Blue Star Fishing Guides program. Credit: NOAA

The links below offer tips on catch and release fishing, proper interactions with sea life, and general information on regulations, marine debris, and invasive species.

Fisher releasing a tarpon in the waterr

Catch and Release

Save fish for the next generation.

Learn how to maximize the survivorship of a catch-and-release fish.

an entangled turtle

Responsible Fishing

Fishing in these sanctuaries comes with great responsibility.

Learn how you can be a good steward of these waters.

People bird watching on a boat

Wildlife Viewing Guidelines

What should you do when you come across wildlife while fishing?

Here are guidelines to keep you and marine life safe.