Blue Star

A unique program encouraging responsible and sustainable diving and fishing in the Florida Keys

Planning to dive or fish the Florida Keys? Look before you book!

The protected waters of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are home to the only living barrier reef in the continental United States and beckon millions of visitors each year. The multitude of habitats with close proximity to land and an abundance of boat operators in the Keys make this diverse underwater world easily accessible for the novice snorkeler and the seasoned diver alike, and provide endless opportunities to enjoy the fisheries resources of the sanctuary.

Coral reefs and shallow water habitats are under increased pressures globally. Through practicing responsible diving,snorkeling, and fishing, you can help to lessen local stress on the ecosystems while still partaking in its beauty. Book with a Blue Star recognized operator today and learn more about the wonders of the sanctuary and the ecosystems of the Florida Keys.

Only businesses with placards and decals featuring the Blue Star logo and current calendar year are considered active Blue Star operators. Look Before You Book!

Guy Harvey Welcomes You to the Sanctuary – Safely!