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About Blue Star

photo of a diver underwater in the florida keys

Blue Star is a voluntary recognition program established by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to reduce the impact of divers, snorkelers and anglers on the ecosystems of the Florida Keys.

The Blue Star Diving program was created by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary with input from local Keys dive and snorkel shop staff and owners and REEF Environmental Education Foundation.

The Blue Star Fishing Guide program was created by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, in cooperation with NOAA Fisheries, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Keep Florida Fishing, American Sportfishing Association, Coastal Conservation Association Florida, and Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. This program has been funded in part by a grant awarded from Fish Florida's Grants Program, which is funded by proceeds from the sale of the Fish Florida Speciality License Plate.

The Blue Star program salutes charter boat operators who promote responsible and sustainable diving and fishing practices, helping keep the ecosystems healthy for generations to come.

Blue Star operators are committed to responsible tourism and go the extra step to educate their customers about the South Florida ecosystem, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and responsible diving and fishing etiquette.

photo of a 2 kids on a boat