Pre-Designation Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Members


  • Robert Morgan – Member (Oswego County)
  • Katie Malinowski – Member (Oswego County)
  • Greg Boyer – Alternate (Onondaga County)
  • Kathryn Piazza – Alternate (Onondaga County)

Divers/Dive Clubs/Shipwreck Exploration

  • Jim Kennard – Member (Monroe County)
  • Jim Wieser – Member (Wayne County)
  • Ray Tucker – Alternate (Oneida County)
  • Ken Kozin – Alternate (Jefferson County)

Economic Development

  • Jeanie Gleisner – Member (Onondaga County)
  • David Granoff – Member (Oswego County)
  • Bradly Broadwell – Alternate (Onondaga County)
  • Jay Matteson – Alternate (Jefferson County)


  • Robert Humphrey – Member (Cayuga County)
  • Bill Crist – Member (Onondaga County)
  • Kristen Eichhorn – Alternate (Oswego County)
  • Benjamin Heckethorn – Alternate (Oswego County)

Maritime History and Interpretation

  • Mercedes Niess – Member (Oswego County)
  • Joe Zarzynski – Member (Saratoga County)
  • Susan Gately – Alternate (Cayuga County)
  • Dan Gildea – Alternate (Jefferson County)

Recreational boating

  • Dale Currier – Member (Oswego County)
  • Mark Slosek – Alternate (Oswego County)

Recreational fishing

  • Gail Smith - Member (Jefferson County)
  • Tom Burke - Alternate (Oswego County)

Shoreline Property Owner

  • Ed Mervine – Member (Oswego County)
  • Duane Morton - Alternate (Oswego County)


  • Corey Fram – Member (Jefferson County)
  • Shane Broadwell – Member (Oswego County)
  • Janet Marsden – Alternate (Wayne County)
  • Vacancy - Alternate

Local and State Government & NGOs (non-voting seats)

City of Oswego

Mayor William (Billy) Barlow, Mayor - Member

Oswego County

Philip R. Church, County Administrator - Member

Dave Turner, Director of Community Development Planning and Tourism - Alternate

Wayne County

Rick House, County Administrator - Member

Christine Worth, Director of Tourism – Alternate

Cayuga County

Stephen (Steve) F.  Lynch, AICP, Director - Member

Jefferson County

Robert F. Hagemann, III, County Administrator - Member

New York State Department

Mike Snyder - Member

Laura McLean – Alternate

New York Sea Grant

John Cannaday
Great Lakes Recreation and Tourism Specialist
New York Sea Grant (NYSG)
SUNY Oswego

Katherine Bunting-Howarth, JD PhD
Associate Director, New York Sea Grant
Assistant Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Faculty Fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
Cornell University

Port of Oswego Authority

William Scriber - Alternate

United States Coast Guard

BMCS Brad Wilcox - Member