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Mallows Bay – Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary offers a variety of free educational and fun resources for both teachers and students. From science and technology to history to learning about the environment, there is an activity just for you.

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For Teachers

Providing teachers with resources to support maritime heritage, ocean and environmental literacy.

a child looks through binoculars

For Students

Explore a living classroom through a variety of interactive digital labs and activities.

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Ocean Guardian Programs

Ocean Guardian programs encourage children to explore their natural surroundings and the watersheds in which they live.

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Ocean Guardian Schools

Ocean Guardian Schools make a commitment to the protection and conservation of its local watersheds, the world's ocean, and special ocean areas, like national marine sanctuaries.

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Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Education

Explore a variety of educational programs, curriculum, and activities to learn more about the ocean and your national marine sanctuaries