Tour the Sanctuary

A group of kayakers float down a River

Interpretative Maps

When visiting the sanctuary, download these guides to help make the most of your experience. Visitors to Mallows Bay Park are encouraged to borrow the free interpretive maps provided. And remember, whether you are paddling or walking, always respect the wildlife – from a distance.

A Paddler’s Guide to Mallows Bay: The water trail guide offers three routes to explore the Ghost Fleet. The map identifies and explains 16 points of interest that are marked by small buoys. It also provides a brief history of the site and identifies plants and animals most commonly encountered.

Mallows Bay Hiking Guide: The hiking trail guide offers four walking trails throughout Mallows Bay Park. The map identifies points of interest and plants and animals most common to the park.

Guided Interpretative Tours

Several commercial vendors provide interpretative tours. These typically include 90-minute to three-hour sessions with an experienced tour guide. Kayaks and safety gear are provided on-site.


Due to the size of the water access area at Mallows Bay Park, groups of 10 or more should pre-register their paddle trip. This process helps minimize congestion and conflict in the boat ramp area. To pre-register your group, please contact at least two weeks prior to the requested date.