Celebrate the Ocean

Sea to Shining Sea Newsletter - July 2020

Few places can compete with the diversity of the National Marine Sanctuary System, which protects America's most iconic natural and cultural marine resources. Throughout the system, we work with diverse partners and stakeholders to promote responsible and sustainable uses that ensure the health of our most valued ocean places. These ocean parks are open to the public, and we invite you to enjoy them and join us as we explore the depths of the ocean.

Aerial of a cove with bright water enclosed by rock
Photo Credit: Chad King/NOAA

Provide Input on Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Draft Management Plan

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a hotspot for wildlife watching and responsible recreation. NOAA is proposing changes to the site’s management plan and minor changes to the regulations of the sanctuary. Interested members of the public can provide input on the proposal through September 4, 2020.

Click here for more information on how to submit comments or register for public meetings.

barracudas swimming near a reef
Photo Credit: Mike Johnson

Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest Open Through Labor Day

The Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest is now open! Send us your best photos of the National Marine Sanctuary System by Labor Day (September 7) and you could be featured in our annual Earth Is Blue Magazine, the Get Into Your Sanctuary recreation magazine, as well as the Earth Is Blue social media campaign.

Click here for more information on how to participate.

Aerial of kayaker paddling next to exposed wrecks.
Photo Credit: David Ruck/NOAA

Recreating Responsibly in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

At Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Leave No Trace Hot Spot program reminds us how we can help preserve marine resources through our actions. A team of trainers from Leave No Trace worked with hundreds of locals and visitors to communicate the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. Read more here!

Diver above a reef with schools of fish around them.
Photo Credit: Scott Bauer

Get Into Your Sanctuary July 31st-August 2nd!

Join us virtually to learn about the National Marine Sanctuary System! Tune into our LIVE Get Into Your Sanctuary programming July 31 to August 2, by visiting our Facebook page! Each national marine sanctuary will host virtual programs, including live tours, cooking demonstrations and shipwreck discovery stories.

Learn more and access the schedule here!

Purple octopus on ROV gear
Photo Credit: OET/NOAA

Oasis in the Deep: Davidson Seamount

Davidson Seamount is a deep sea region in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Once underwater volcanoes that emerged from the seafloor, seamounts are hotspots for biodiversity both above and below the ocean’s surface. Explore Davidson Seamount in Monterey Bay through remotely operated vehicles dives here.

Diver holds up a large mat of alga
Photo Credit: Heather Spalding/College of Charleston

Newly-Named Alga Chondria Tumolsa

In 2019, divers discovered a new type of algae in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Almost one year later, researchers have named this algal species Chondria tumolsa, yet its origin remains unknown. Read more about the newly discovered algae here!

two white shells over a black background

Webinar Series - Understanding Ocean Acidification

Learn about ocean acidification using NOAA’s new educational tool, Data in the Classroom. Data in the Classroom is designed to help teachers and students use real scientific NOAA data to explore dynamic Earth processes and understand the impact of environmental events.

August 13, 2020 at 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern - Register Today