Recreation - Volume 4 - Technical Appendix

photo of family on the beach

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1 provides background information on the project partnerships; describes the survey methodology; and identifies the jurisdictions/sub-areas for which estimates were made.

Chapter 2: Uses

Chapter 2 details what was estimated for recreational uses and how the estimates were derived. Profiles of uses are then developed for each jurisdiction/sub-area.

Chapter 3: Demographics

Chapter 3 provides comparative demographic profiles of the jurisdiction/sub-areas and presents the results of statistical tests for differences between the jurisdiction/sub-areas for each demographic factor.

Chapter 4: Expenditures

Chapter 4 provides the details on how estimates of total annual expenditures by expenditure category were made and how these estimates were normalized per person per trip and per person per day by jurisdiction sub-area.

Chapter 5: Economic Impact

Chapter 5 provides how the areas (sets of counties) od economic impact/contribution were developed for each jurisdiction/sub-area; definitions of the measures estimated using the IMPLAN input-output model; and the results for each jurisdiction/sub-area.

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Future Research

Chapter 6 presents the conclusions of the report and how the information can be used. The chapter also provides suggestions for future research to expand the research and knowledge.

Technical Appendix