Recreation - Volume 2 - Economic Impact/Contribution of Users

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1 provides background information on the project partnerships; describes the survey methodology; and identifies the jurisdictions/sub-areas for which estimates were made.

Chapter 2: Expenditures

Chapter 2 presents annual expenditures by study areas. Expenditures are derived by determining the person-trip costs and person-day costs then aggregating across all recreational users. Expenditures are presented for person-trip and person-day by spending category.

Chapter 3: Economic Impact/Contribution by Study Area

Chapter 5 presents the results of the IMPLAN input-output model. These results include total output, value added, income and employment (measured in number of full and part-time jobs) resulting from recreational activities along the Outer Coast of Washington and within the OCNMS. Results are estimated by location.

Chapter 4: Conclusion and Future Research

Chapter 4 presents the conclusions of the report and how the information can be used. The chapter also provides suggestions for future research to expand the research and knowledge.

Economic Impact Factsheet

Economic Impact Report