2023 Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest

May 26, 2023 through September 4, 2023


Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

photo of an otter

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary would like to acknowledge that this update to the condition report would not have been possible without the assistance and efforts of many subject area experts who contributed in various ways including access to new data, guidance on status and trends, reviews of supporting narratives and assessments of expert confidence.

Dr. Jim Barry (MBARI)
Greg Benoit (California Coastal Commission)
Dr. Steven Bograd (NMFS-SWFSC)
Dr. Greg Cailliet (MLML)
Dr. Mark Carr (UCSC)
Michael Carver (CBNMS)
Dr. Francisco Chavez (MBARI)
Dr. Olivia Cheriton (USGS)
Ross Clark (CCWG MLML)
Dr. Benet Duncan (California Ocean Science Trust)
Carleton Esyter (Point Blue Conservation Science)
Dr. Jan Freiwald (Reef Check CA)
Monique Fountain (ESNERR)
Dr. Toby Garfield (NMFS-SWFSC)
Corinne Gibble (UCSC)
Dr. Steve Haddock (MBARI)
Kamille Hammerstrom (MLML)
John Haskins (ESNERR)
Dr. Elliott Hazen (NMFS-SWFSC)
Dane Hardin (Applied Marine Sciences)
Dr. Brent Hughes (UCSC)
Dr. John Hunt (UC Davis)
Dr. Jaime Jahncke (Point Blue Conservation Science)
Dr. Jason Jannot (NMFS-NWFSC)
Dr. Raphael Kudela (UCSC)
Dr. Dan Lawson (NMFS-PRD)
Dr. Bob Leeworthy (ONMS)
Dr. James Lindholm (CSUMB)
Dr. Steve Lindley (NMFS-SWFSC)
Dan Malone (UCSC)
Sarah Mansergh (Surfrider Foundation)
Dr. Sara Maxwell (Old Dominion University)
Dr. Erin Meyer (California Ocean Science Trust)
Dr. Fiorenza Micheli (Hopkins Marine Station)
Jeanee Natov (MPA Watch)
Tenaya Norris (Marine Mammal Center)
James Oakden (MLML)
Bronti Patterson (Save our Shores)
Dr. John Pearse (UCSC)
Dr. Peter Raimondi (UCSC)
Jessica Redfern (NMFS-SWFSC)
Melissa Redfield (UCSC)
Paul Reilly (CDFW)
Dr. Jarrod Santora (UCSC)
Dr. Isaac Schroeder (NMFS-SWFSC)
Dr. Danielle Schwarzmann (ONMS)
Bob Schwemmer (ONMS)
Kyra Schlining (MBARI)
Steve Shimek (MPA Watch)
Dr. Sue Sogard (NMFS-SWFSC)
Dr. Kayleigh Somers (NMFS-NWFSC)
Dr. Curt Storlazzi (USGS)
Dr. Tim Tinker (USGS-WERC)
Pete Warzybok (Point Blue Conservation Science)
Dr. Kerstin Wasson (ESNERR)
Anna Weinstein (CA Audubon)
Curt Whitmire (NMFS-NWFSC)
Greg Williams (NMFS-NWFSC)
Karen Worcester (CCRWQCB)
Finally, we extend our sincerest thanks to this document’s peer reviewers: Ross Clark (Central Coast Wetlands Group), Dr. John Field (NMFS-SWFSC), Dr. Raphael Kudela (UCSC), Dr. James Lindholm (CSUMB) and Dr. Steve Lindley (NMFS-SWFSC).

This work was partially supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) grant NNX14AP62A, "National Marine Sanctuaries as Sentinel Sites for a Demonstration Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON)," funded under the National Ocean Partnership Program (NOPP RFP NOAA-NOS-IOOS-2014-2003803, a partnership between NOAA, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and NASA).